Shea Fite, REALTOR® Broker

At Shea Fite REALTORS® we develop a reputation around ourselves that is so powerful that those in our individual spheres of influence could not imagine entrusting the largest transaction they do to anyone else.  Simply put, we are a local experts serving our local community.  

Shea Fite Realtors® has been the dream since I received my real estate license in 2016. I am a native Oklahoman.  I grew up in in the plains of Western Oklahoma where I learned an old fashioned work ethic in the trades.  From a very young age, I accompanied my dad on job sites, helping to remodel homes, building new homes, and experiencing the process from the ground up. One of my earliest and best memories is the smell of sawdust. It is the rural Oklahoma work ethic that drives our desire for excellence.

Whether you are dealing with me or one of our experts we are dedicated to a high level of service, with humility and honor.  We want to do all we can to help you “get where you are going.”

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  • TEXT:     918.407.6133
  • EMAIL:  shea@sfrealtors.net


“What you have done for these folks is transformational, and I thank you for leading that change. I know you’ve spent hours with them, “kicking the tires” with what came up! You must have infinite patience, and I admire that, and I am indebted to you for your energy and willingness to teach.”

Eric Brolin