Special Asset Management is a term used to describe the management of assets that are in a distressed or underperforming state, typically as a result of default, bankruptcy, or restructuring. The goal of special asset management is to maximize the recovery of the distressed asset through a combination of real estate expertise that is not the bank or law firms center of expertise.

Financial institutions and estate planners often have need for expertise in divesting assets and need partners with necessary skills to negotiate complex issues, and develop a strategy to turn the distressed assets around. The process of special asset management is often complex and involves close collaboration with legal, financial, and other experts to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for all parties involved.  This is fairly common in residential real estate.

Special asset management is an important part of the financial services industry as it provides a means of resolving financial difficulties for individuals. By working to resolve these problems, special asset managers can help to stabilize markets and prevent the spread of financial distress. This, in turn, helps to create a more stable and predictable financial environment, which benefits everyone, including investors, businesses, and consumers.

If you represent financial institutions or clients in estate planning, calling us can offer a breath of fresh air to the busy financial institution or law firm that wishes to focus on other expertise.

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