Why join Shea Fite REALTORS®

Shea Fite Realtors® mission is to develop a reputation around ourselves that is so powerful that anyone in our center of influence could not imagine using any other real estate professional.

A culture of high expertise: Shea Fite Realtors® fosters a culture of learning.  Shea Fite Realtors® is made up of some of the most passionate and focused Realtors® in our community. We study hard, and know our craft.  As Realtors® we adhere to a higher standard of ethical behavior.  We serve our clientele passionately, with respect and humility.

A internal culture of belonging not competition: Shea Fite Realtors® is a local business with a deep calling to serve our local communities. In essence, each of us individually are called to our specific center of influence. We are a group of professionals on individual journeys together.  This means we shun comparison and encourage a culture of open handedness in knowledge and mentorship.     We are not like other brokerages.

A culture of financial freedom:
Shea Fite Realtors® encourages every agent to manage their respective businesses well by managing the business cash flow well.      We honor work life balance. We are not a dramatic culture.  We hold confidence. 

Key attributes: 

  • We are Realtors® passionately called to our own center of influence.
  • We develop a reputation of service, humility, and servant leadership.
  • We study passionately to learn and improve our craft.
  • We are experts. We are not sales associates. We are Realtors® bound by the National Association of Realtors® higher code of ethic.
  • We are incredibly focused individuals on each of our respective businesses.
  • We know how to manage our individual business’ cash flow.
  • We reject office drama and keep our personal lives in perspective.
  • We share knowledge of business and mentorship.
  • We honor work life balance.
  • We keep confidential things confidential.

WHAT IS A REALTOR®? Realtors® are licensed real estate professionals who are members of the National Association of Realtors®, the largest trade group in the country. Every real estate professional is not a Realtor®.  Realtors® are held to a higher ethical standard and must adhere to the Realtor® Code of Ethics.