When executing a “Do It Yourself” project, the homeowner most always assumes that what is being done will obviously cause the house to increase in value. And this assumption is in part true. For 100% percent of the time, the intrinsic value to the homeowner does increase. They enjoy their home more!

Where a DIY project comes off the rails is in the types of finishes applied in the project. It is best to simply ask the question of every project: “Will the improvement that I am making also appeal to the majority of buyers? And is the way I am doing it within generally accepted construction practices?

If the answer is “no” to either of those questions your DIY efforts will most often hurt NOT help the value of your home.

If you are considering taking it up a notch and hiring a contractor for remodel and improvements, we would love to help. WhiteTree Company can do the upgrades and Skyline Realty can help you understand their future value. We can do both!

Thinking like an investor most always pays off when improving your home. Yet it is a harsh reality that many projects don’t.

Call us to learn more about your project before you invest.