Really important.

In this case, a Realtor showed my listing using the electronic lock box we place on the door. The box logs the showing and after it is over, we automatically send a message to the Realtor asking for feedback. At Skyline we have a appointment center which sets the showing appointments so that Realtors don’t show the home at the same time as another Realtor.

Our center also asks the Realtors for feedback when the showing is complete. This is invaluable to the valuation of the home giving the seller confidence and/or reality on the price they have listed it at. This is especially important early in the process so that we can make adjustments quickly to meet demand.

At Skyline, it is not just paperless technology that we bring to bear but expertise around valuation that is second to none. The goal is to understand what the market will bear and a to get our sellers the best value for their homes.